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How to style your family photoshoot

I often get asked what you should wear to a family photo shoot session and it's a hugely important question. You need to make sure your clothing adds to your beautiful family portrait rather than distracting from it. Here are my top tips from my shoots!


1. Think coordinating, not matching. Any way that your family can complement each other — in style or colour — can really pull a portrait together. Clean, ironed clothes go without saying :) Matching outfits usually look distracting on camera though, so go for coordinated colours and styles as above.

2. Accessories can make all the difference!

Hats and scarves can add great personality and fun to your shoot (see Jo's great example in the photo above at Temple Newsam!)

3. Keep it simple. Colour photographs well. Try to avoid anything with logos, patterns, graphics or bulky tops/jumpers/coats - layers can work well but make sure that you don't have too many.

4. Shoes

A gorgeous family shot can be ruined by inappropriate shoes! - this is such an important part of your style - don't ruin it with scruffy trainers! Make sure you dress for the season though! You will need boots or wellies if it's been raining or if you will be on soft ground.

5. Show off your children’s fun style

Use layered clothing that’s fitted and comfortable. If kids feel comfortable, they’re more likely to give natural expressions full of personality. (Same goes for adults, for that matter.)

Makeup & Hair

1. Ladies Hair should be styled naturally. Don't do anything that you wouldn't normally do -if you usually keep it long and loose then stick to that! The same applies to make up, stick to what you feel comfortable in and we will get the best photos.

2. Gentlemen

Clean shaven works well and new haircuts always look good on camera. If you rock a beard though stick with it! Again, it's best to feel comfortable.


At the end of the day it's really important that you enjoy your photo shoot with me and therefore you need to feel relaxed and comfortable in what you are wearing. There is no clothing that can distract from a lovely family moment (within reason ;) ).

See you at your family shoot in Roundhay Park!

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