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Leeds Wedding Portfolio
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Natural & Timeless Storytelling

Wedding Photography for relaxed couples

Heather Butterworth Photography


Proud to be a 

York Wedding Photographer

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Stylish, modern and authentic photographs

that tell the unique story of your celebration.

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"Seizing the energy and creating beautiful images you will want to look at forever is Heather's skill and her atmospheric and stunning shots truly speak for themselves " 

Brides up North


York wedding photographer

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"These photos are so beautiful they are making me cry"

Gaia Hudson, Brides Keeping it Real

 Hello there!


Firstly, thank you so much for visiting! If you are looking for totally natural and fun wedding photography then you are in the right place. I am based close to York and if you are too you might recognise some of the lovely York Wedding locations above. Use the links below to go straight to my pricing or look at more of my work, or just carry on reading to find out a little bit more about my style and approach. 

York wedding photography

My style...

I won't be spending ages organising you and your guests for staged shots, or endlessly rearranging limbs and looks for posey photos. I'll be quietly floating around looking for the perfect moments to capture. There will be times when I can't avoid being up close with the camera, but as a general rule I'll be as unobtrusive as possible. Depending on your preference I'll also set aside a little time for some creative couple portraits; this could be during the day making use of the sun, or after dark when we can deploy some off-camera flash. This will be the one time that I might need to direct you a little, but that means we can shoot some epic photos as quickly as possible and then get back to the party!

What packages do you offer?

Please visit my wedding packages page for information about pricing. You can book me for 3, 6 or 10 hours cover and for different levels of service ranging from just me to me plus a videographer with a drone. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for then please get in touch anyway - I'll provide you with a tailored quote for exactly what you need, so long as I can provide it.

What is documentary wedding photography?

You may already know the answer to this because you've found me! Documentary or reportage photography differentiates itself from the more traditional wedding photography of yesteryear in that there is less posing and intervention from the photographer. Massive advances in camera technology mean that we can afford to take many more photos and then whittle these down to the moments that really tell the story of your day. I may take several thousand photos of your wedding, although you might find that hard to believe because I'll very rarely use a flash on the camera and my lovely EOS R6 is quiet as a mouse, like me!


Lots of photographers now offer this style of wedding photography, so you may be finding that there are a few of us to choose from. Whilst documentary or reportage is a shared approach to taking photos, different photographers have different styles in terms of their approach to colours, use of light and shooting angles, amongst other things. I love natural light, vibrant glowing colours and good humour. I'm also a big fan of off-camera flash for the odd showstopper once the sun sets - that means positioning flash units to create spectacular silhouettes, fake a golden sunset or make the dance floor really pop.


I take doing the best job with your wedding photography extremely seriously, but myself less so. It's so important for everyone to be relaxed and having fun. I'm certainly no diva behind a camera!

If you are planning a York wedding...

Take your time when choosing a Leeds venue as there are so many great ones to consider. If you need any recommendations for florists or hair stylists I've worked with quite a few across Leeds so I'd be happy to help with this too! I'm really looking forward to my 2021/22/23 bookings for Cookridge Hall, Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds Town Hall and Woodlands. Keep scrolling for more info on some of these and other Leeds wedding venues I love.

What to expect before the day itself...

I could easily say a lot more here, but in summary: Ideally I like to meet my couples in person at least once before the big day, as this gives us all a chance to get to know each other a bit, ask questions and do some planning. I'm always amenable to a glass of wine in these situations but that is by no means mandatory. If you've booked a pre-wedding shoot then I'll also be waving my camera at you and we'll be somewhere beautiful of your choosing snapping some lovely shots to set the scene for your wedding to come. Aside from the photos, this is a great way for you to see how I work which should reassure you that your wedding day will be a breeze. If for any reason a face to face meeting isn't possible then we can use Zoom or Skype or a similar tool according to preference. 



What to expect on the day...

Obviously this varies depending on your plans and where you want me to be, and I am completely flexible in this regard - don't interpret what I say here as set in stone, its just an example! 


A typical day for a wedding photographer will start with bridal preparations which is always a blast, often punctuated with breakfast fizz and most definitely one of my favourite times to be taking photos, full of excitement and anticipation. Once we're happy with what I've snapped I'll leave you to it and head down to the venue to get set up, test the light and have a chat with the staff and whomever is conducting proceedings. If your other half is to be found lurking in the bar for a loosener and welcoming guests at this point  then we may well be able to get some photos there too, dependent on timings and locations. I probably don't need to say too much about the ceremony other than that I'll be capturing all those lovely moments as you tie the knot, not just you but your guests too, of course. I like to be as mobile as possible at all times, ceremony included, but I promise I'll be unobtrusive too. If we are still under Covid restrictions I may be required to sit still in a specific place for the ceremony - if so that limits the angles but I'll still get some beautiful shots. 

What happens next varies from couple to couple and depends on whether you are moving between venues. Either way I'll be on hand to document those very first happy moments as a married couple. I'll carry on shooting right up to the Wedding Breakfast, wherever that takes us and whatever is planned. People tend not to want to be photographed with a mouth full of food and I'll be ready for a power up by this point too, so I'll typically disappear until it is time for speeches, but of course if you want me to capture any aspect of the meal, including you guys munching on something delicious, then that is totally fine, I'll be there! For the speeches, as with the ceremony, I'll be moving around, recording tears, laughter and anything in between.


There may have been an opportunity for some group and newlywed shots right after the ceremony, or we may do these after the meal and speeches, depending on what you want. If you are up for it, this may also be the moment to whisk you away for some creative couple shots before, if there is to be dancing, the first dance, cutting of the cake and any other surprises! I'll normally stay long enough to capture the flavour of the party, but then leave you and your guests to it well before time at the bar. If you want me there to the bitter end make sure you give me plenty of warning as my raving days are long gone!

How I became a wedding photographer...

After studying photography at art college (quite a while ago!) and a decade or so working in interior design roles, I had a lucky break (redundancy) that meant I could convert photography from much loved hobby to awesome career! I've done my time in a corporate environment so I know enough to run a business, but more importantly I'm a total romantic and a creative soul through and through, which I think are essential characteristics for a wedding photographer!


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I can’t thank you enough! Honestly the pictures are more perfect than we could have asked for! Some hilarious and some amazing, perfect memories from our day! Thank you so much we are so glad we chose you to capture our day! Xxx

Lucy and Callum


Wedding photography stories from York

The-Oakwood-at-Ryther-Heather-Butterworth-Wedding-Photography-24 (14 of 25).jpg
The Oakwood at Ryther

York wedding photography

Bowcliffe-Hall-wedding-Heather-Butterworth-Photography-24 (22 of 43).jpg
Bowcliffe Hall

York wedding photography

The-Croft-Hotel-Wedding-Heather-Butterworth-Photography-24SS (49 of 131).jpg
The Croft Hotel

York wedding photography

Hotham-Hall-Wedding-Photography-Heather-Butterworth-Photography (113 of 155)_edited.jpg
Hotham Hall Estate

York wedding photography

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