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Heathers work is truly AMAZING and we are DELIGHTED with the end product.
Our delight is not down to luck though! Heathers meticulous planning is a key reason why we are thrilled with the magnificent images Heather has produced. We met a few months before the wedding for Heather to understand what WE wanted. Heather offered professional support, guidance, and some considerations that we had not even thought of. On the day itself, Heather seamlessly captured the event remaining discreet throughout. Predominantly we wanted ‘natural’ pictures but inevitably needed some of the necessary posed shots. The latter, Heather orchestrated these perfectly – so much so, even some of my guests commented how good she was!
Choosing a wedding photographer is a bit of a minefield – all offering beautiful images on perfectly presented websites. My advice - don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer.

Sarah and Jonty, Burnley


Whichever package you choose

every couple will get :

☆ an initial consultaion

☆ an optional pre wedding shoot

☆ a pre wedding day planning meeting

☆  a high-resolution on line gallery with premium print options

☆ unlimited downloads with full reproduction rights for each image


My standard package - includes everything listed above

☆ at least 400 edited images with the 10 hours package

Minimum 6 hours cover from £950

Minimum 10 hours cover from £1350

* Add a 30x30cm luxury wedding album and presentation box for £250 *

Photography Plus

My standard package plus:

☆ a second photographer

☆ at least 650 edited images 

☆ photos from the air using our drone

(venue and weather permitting)

☆ a beautifully designed 30x30cm luxury wedding album with  presentation box (albums include approximately 60 images)

Minimum 10 hours cover from £1750

All combined Photography and Videography

packages include:

☆ My standard photography package above

☆ plus my videographer and partner in film James

☆ a professionally edited and sound-tracked highlights real

☆ including aerial footage from the drone (weather permitting)

☆ and a longer film including the full ceremony and speeches

Photography and Videography

My standard package with fun and relaxed videography from James (as above)

Minimum 10 hours cover from £2250

* Add a 30x30m luxury wedding album and presentation box for £250 *

Photography and Videography Plus

The full shebang!

As well as my standard photography package and videography from James:

☆ a second photographer

☆ a beautifully designed 30x30cm luxury wedding album with  presentation box (albums include approximately 60 images)

Minimum 10 hours cover from £2750

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

Leeds, but I’m happy to travel to wherever you need me. 


How long will we have to wait for our photographs?

Even when I'm home late after a full day shoot I have to resist the temptation to get stuck into the edit straightaway. There is no substitute for viewing images on a full size computer screen, however good the display on the back of my camera is, so I'm always super excited to take a look. Plus I always get everything transferred off the cameras and backed up as soon as possible.


I will send you a sneak peek within 48 hours of your wedding and then the link to your full resolution online gallery, including highlights and feature films if you’ve chosen videography, within 6-8 weeks of your wedding day. If I can have everything ready quicker I will, and I’ll keep you posted.

What equipment do you use?

I am very much in the Canon camp and shoot with my trusty powerhouse EOS 5D Mark IV and awesome new kid on the block EOS R6. I use Speedlites for on and off camera flash and I also have a lovely collection of flash modifiers. Back in the studio I use Apple hardware and Adobe software. Everything is backed up several times over. I do not believe in taking any chances with your day!


James, my videographer, also works with a Mark IV, mounted on a DJI gimbal for lovely smooth cinematic footage. From the air James uses a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone with its awesome Hasselblad camera.

Do you prefer flash photography or natural light?

I love both! Each has it’s time and place. I love light and always make the best use of natural sources where possible but if nature can’t provide the light we need, then I will use flash. Flash lighting can also produce some fantastic and fun effects and setting up those spectacular showstoppers is one of the bits I love most about this job! 

Do you do any posed photos?

Yes, of course. Documentary photography doesn't mean no posing at all, or no group shots. People tend to book me because, amongst other things, they don't really want to spend the day being told where to stand and how to look. That said, most wedding parties want group shots and most couples are really keen to spend a little time with me on some gorgeous creative shots, making the most of the light, location and my fancy flashes. I'm not the boss, you are, so I'll work to your needs and wishes!


Have you ever cancelled a booking or not shown up to a wedding?

Of course not!

If my personal circumstances were so dire that I could not possibly

photograph your wedding, I have a backup plan. You would

never be left without a photographer.

Do you have insurance?

So much so I have insurance for my insurance! The bit you need to worry about is full public liability cover, which, like all insurance, I hope never to have to use. 

How many photographs will we receive?

This is a classic 'how long is a piece of string' question. The answer depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to the number of guests, venues and plans for the day. As a rough guide you can expect to receive at least 500 photos from a 10 hour shoot, but you may well get more. If I take 1000 photos that I think you need to see, then you'll get 1000!

Can we order photo albums through you?

You can. I offer a range of luxury boxed albums in a variety of styles and finishes. I include an album in my premium package, or you can choose to add an album on once you have received your photographs. You may prefer to make your own, which can be good fun and a nice way to revisit your day once the dust has settled. 

What format will our wedding photos and video come in?

Your sneak peak will contain medium resolution images suitable for web, and if I share anything else with you prior to the full gallery it will most likely be medium resolution via WhatsApp or email. Your full online gallery will have all of your full resolution images available to view and download as many times as you like.

Video will be shot in full HD as a minimum and the final film reels will also be provided in full HD as well as in lower resolution suitable for online and social media. Due to the large file sizes involved, video will be supplied via memory stick.

Do you use a second photographer or an assistant?

My standard photography package does not come with a second photographer but this is available as an add-on. For photography only packages I normally work alone, but if I do think I'm going to need an assistant I'll let you know well in advance. If you are thinking about an additional photographer it may be worth considering one of my photography and videography packages as this could add more to your memories of the day than a second camera. As with everything else, whatever works best for you!

We are not usually that comfortable in front of a camera - is that okay?

Please do not worry about this for even a second.  We'll have had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other prior to your wedding day and you'll hopefully have worked out I'm not going to be barking orders, bossing anyone about or asking you to do anything you don't want to do. Most of the time you'll barely know I'm there. A pre-wedding shoot can really help calm any camera-shy couple's nerves well in advance of the day itself.

What is involved in the pre wedding shoot?

I love these shoots! These are really relaxed and informal and even the most camera averse folks will have fun. We do these at a location of your choosing – it helps if it is somewhere special to you both, maybe where you got engaged or somewhere you like to visit together. It could be a local park, national trust property, world heritage site, a beach or a bird sanctuary. The choice is yours!

After the shoot is a perfect opportunity to do some planning of the finer details of your wedding day so we all know what’s happening, when and where.

How do we book?

In the first instance just get in touch using my enquiry form and I will check my availability and get back to you straightaway. To secure a date my booking fee is £100 and I'll send you a contract to e-sign.


How do we pay?

Via direct bank transfer please. When I send my contract to you it includes my bank details, and I'm happy to confirm these by phone should you wish to do so for peace of mind.


To secure your date there is a £100 booking fee which is normally non-refundable, however I have a separate policy for weddings affected by government restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic - please see the separate FAQ just below. 


The full balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.

If you would like to make additional payments to help you budget I am more than happy to accommodate this for you.

What happens if we have to reschedule because of Covid-19?

In a nutshell, I have no intention of taking a penny off couples who have to alter their wedding plans because of changes to Government restrictions relating to Covid-19. In the ideal scenario I'll just move with you to your new date. Where this isn't possible because I am already booked or otherwise unavailable then I will, with sadness, refund your booking fee in full.

How long do you stay on the wedding day?

For as long as you want me to! Typically the photography day starts with getting ready in homes or hotel rooms, and ends once I've got enough shots of you and your guests cutting shapes on the dance floor.

Do you have a privacy policy?

I do. Below is a brief summary. Please ask me if you would like more information.



1. I do not share any of my couples' personal information with anybody else unless it is to assist with the delivery of your photographs, for example your names and addresses will need to be sent to the company that I use to print your wedding albums. I respect all of my clients privacy and protect your personal information accordingly.

2. This privacy policy is in line with the EU's general Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

3. I only collect the information that I need to carry out my duties as your wedding photographer and I will not use the information you provide for any other purposes. This information will include, your names, addresses and contact details.

4. I keep data about you on my books for a minimum or 7 years after my work with you is finished. This is primarily for tax purposes.

5. In the unlikely event that my security is breached due to criminal activity, the police will be informed along with the relevant regulatory body. If your personal data is compromised I will also contact you.

6. When you visit my website cookies will also be collected. Cookies are small pieces of information that websites store in the user's browser. This helps websites to tailor their experience to individuals' needs and may be used for on line marketing (this is the same on every website that you will visit). To find out more about Cookies, including how to opt out or control them, please visit http://www.aboutcookies.org

7. Any changes to my privacy policy will be updated here and will be notified with a change of date.