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"These photos are so beautiful they are making me cry"

Gaia Hudson

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Elegant storytelling

Documentary wedding photography in Yorkshire 

Hello to you! 


Thanks for coming to my site to find out more about what I do. And congratulations – you are almost certainly here because you are getting married! Choosing a photographer is a big thing, and perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding day. Long after the party is over you’ll want to be able to carry on remembering all the fabulous details as clearly as if they were yesterday – that is where your photographer comes in!


So why pick me, you may ask? First and foremost, I promise I’ll take beautiful photos for you that capture all the love, laughter, tears, silliness and seriousness, and everything in between. It’ll all be in there. You’ll probably hear me asking your guests to pretend I’m not there and that really is the way I’ll work for most of the day, quietly snapping away getting awesome photos. I may need to do some organising when it comes to group shots, if you want them, and I’ll have some ideas for some really creative stuff if you’re up for it. I’ll be squeezing every last drop out of the sun, but I also love working with off-camera lighting to create some spectacular visual effects. None of this will take you away from the party for long though – I’ll do all the preparation so all you’ll need to do is swoop into shot and out again.


And what else? Well as it happens, I am married to a videographer and qualified drone pilot, and between us we can offer you a complete photography and videography package all together and under one roof. James is also an experienced photographer and knows my style better than anyone, so it really works being able to prepare, shoot and edit together. If the weather and your venue permit, we can even send the drone up for some spectacular shots from above. Not a double chin in sight from up there!


However you both want your wedding to be filmed, we can probably cover it. We get a lot of satisfaction from being able to tell the story of your day and take beautiful footage away without having to boss anyone around or intrude on your celebrations; our job is to record the dance, not choreograph it!


I really hope that I sound like a good fit for you. If I do, you can see more of my work in my portfolio or check out my blog and, importantly, take a look at

 my pricing to make sure I match your budget. To check my availability and ask further questions, and set up an initial chat, fill out my very simple and straightforward contact form and I’ll be back in touch as soon as I can. Don’t be surprised if I reply in the evening or at the weekend – I have a two year old so there is no such thing as a 9-5 working week any more, plus I’d love to shoot your wedding and if you snooze, you lose!

So a little bit about Documentary Photography...


There are many, many, wonderful documentary photographers out there who will take beautiful wedding photos for you. We all love to debate favourite cameras, the optimal settings for ‘that’ shot and whether a certain look is best achieved in camera in the moment or later in post. But what unites us is the joy of following you around for a day, maybe more if you are planning a big one, trying to capture as many memories as we can in the most visually pleasing way. Documentary photography implies that there will be less focus on ‘posed’ scenes, leaving more time to photograph what happens, in the moment, as it happens. This way we can capture emotions and events honestly, telling a story organically and without pretence or perma-smiles.


By offering this type of photography I am differentiating myself from the more traditional forms of wedding photographer, and from contemporary styles where the end product may look and feel a bit more like a magazine shoot. Reportage, what I do, is natural and raw. My style is defined by colours, light, angles and fun, and perhaps some other stuff that it is harder to describe – maybe just the way you feel when you see my photos! Ultimately that is what it comes down to – I shoot and edit the way I think looks best and I hope you think so too!

and a little bit about me...

I live in Yorkshire with my husband James, son Barney and highly strung cat, Stuart. I studied photography at art college (many moons ago) and I feel very lucky to have been able to turn that into a career I adore. The things I love most in the world, besides weddings and photography, are the outdoors, camping, family, friends, wine, puddings and chocolate. You can't go far wrong with any of that :-) 

"We are absolutely blown away! The photographs are all beautiful! Heather completely managed to capture our day and gave us so many memories to look back on. She made us feel at ease from the first time we met her on our engagement shoot and on the day she was so professional. The final product is wonderful, she has perfectly captured our day in memories we can keep forever.

Jenny and Craig, Leeds, Yorkshire.

"Brilliant photos that really captured the spirit and atmosphere of the occasion. We love the way you have managed so unobtrusively to record the events in such an original and informal way. Thank you."  

ANDREW AND MARY, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Wedding Videos


Relaxed, sweet and funny

"This film is amazing!"

"What can I sayWe absolutely love it!

 Brilliantly juxtaposed and great sound bytes - perfect.

A big thank you for all the time and effort invested     in to making 5 minutes of brilliance!"

Sarah and Jonathan, Yorkshire.



Wedding Films

I am so excited to now be offering combined and (literally) in-house photography and videography packages, courtesy of my husband James. For couples who are interested in a wedding film as well as photography, this means one booking for you and effortless coordination for us, from pre-wedding planning to editing everything for you afterwards. We are also licensed to use drones, so if you want that extra airborne perspective we can do that too, venue and weather permitting!


​The final edits will vary depending on your requirements and what your wedding involves, but you should typically expect a highlights trailer, a longer feature film and the option to have the ceremony and speeches in full. As with photography, we are always happy to discuss any special requirements.


James’ approach to videography matches mine to photography. Don’t expect distracting set pieces or intrusive filming, but do expect us to capture all the lovely details of your day in glorious high definition video. We are less drawn to cheese-heavy edits and tend towards a light-hearted and colour-rich retelling of all the special moments that make your wedding yours. That said, every wedding is wonderfully different and our wedding films are the same; there is no one-size-fits-all. But at every wedding we’ll be looking for the humour, the happiness and the love, and trying our very best to bottle it for you.


Wedding Videography


What to expect

First and foremost, don’t worry about equipment overload. James films with a DSLR just like mine, and to all intents and purposes he’ll seem like a second photographer. He sometimes needs to mount the camera on a gimbal for buttery smooth cinematic footage, but to you this will just look like a camera on a short pole. At times we’ll also set up additional cameras in fixed positions, but unless you’ve specified more, there will just be myself and James moving around. Just as with photography, we may occasionally need to light a scene up a little, or manoeuvre ourselves into the best spot to film, but we’ll always tread lightly when we do.


One of the most important considerations is sound and it’s important that we get good audio from the ceremony and from the speeches. To do this we’ll use professional microphones, which we’ll put either on or near to you. Don’t worry, these are small and unobtrusive little bits of kit, and we’ll only ask you to be as ‘mic-ed up’ as you feel comfortable with.


We’ve mentioned ‘the drone thing’ already. This is completely optional of course and we totally understand that remote controlled flying machines aren’t every couple’s cup of tea. If you do choose a package that includes drones, they really won’t be buzzing around up there all day long; we’ll be using them at key moments around the venue and surroundings and to capture some of the highlights of your day from a different angle. We are licensed to our very small, quiet drone almost anywhere, and a slightly bigger model away from congested areas, so there are very few places we can’t get airborne – it’s not all about big dramatic shots and sometimes just being able to get some footage from a few meters overhead can work magic.


Lets have a chat!

You may not have even thought about a wedding film until you read this, or you may be here because you specifically want a combined package. James and I would love to chat with you about our wedding videography packages and so if you have any questions please do fill out a contact form. 


Wedding Stories

Doumentary wedding photography


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