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What I've learned about taking photos of people, by Leeds Wedding Photographer Heather Butterworth

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Being a wedding and family photographer in Leeds has given me lots of experience with people in front of the camera. I thought I'd blog this week about the five things that have really helped me develop my style and get the shots I want.

  1. Do your homework

Plan where you are going to take your photos and make sure that all your equipment is tested and ready. This includes having back ups and spare batteries etc. Find someone to do test shots with and make sure you’re happy with the lighting situation before your subject even arrives. When this isn’t possible it’s amazing what you can find out online. The last thing you need is a background location that ruins your photo and all the hard work you've put into the shoot so it's really important to plan well.

2. Use the light

Light is a photographers best friend. Think about where the light is coming from - is your subject front lit facing into the sun or side or back lit? I like to use natural light where possible but if that's not an option then you can always use lovely warm light from lamps or even flashes to create dramatic effects.

3. Be natural!

I prefer real moments to staged ones: I try and blend into the background as much as possible when I'm working so that clients often barely know I'm there. It's super important that the people in front of the camera are relaxed around it, so I'm always keen for meet-ups with new clients and the camera before my shoots.

4. Keep moving

The best photos are the ones where you capture a special moment or a reaction. Some people tense up as soon as a camera is pointed at them, which can make for some interesting expressions. However, if you ask your subject to move around, it means that they have something to focus on and it’s in the off-beats that you often get the really good stuff.

5. Breathe and stay calm...

Easier said than done sometimes but it's important to remember that things don't always go exactly according to plan, however much you prepare. I take some deep breaths, clear my mind and figure out the solution - there always is one and sometimes a curveball can be a blessing!

See you all next week - I've some exciting new material coming up!

Heather Xx

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