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Week 0 (pre - lockdown)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

toddler on swing looking back at his dad

It already seems like an age ago that we were free to roam, or a parallel universe! As I'm not going to be taking photos of weddings for a little while (big love to all my 2020 couples who are tackling the prospect of postponing), I thought I'd turn my camera on my family, and over the coming weeks I'm going to blog from whichever of self-isolation or social distancing I happen to find myself in.

This turned out to be our last family outing before lockdown, except for trips around the garden. The sun shone and the sky was blue - it was perfect. We started with a quick hike up Burley Moor and then went for some fun in the excellent playground at Addingham, near Ilkley. I tired to capture some cool angles and action shots, and to use the lovely bright light blazing down from the Sun. Looking at the day from the inside it was hard to believe it was so chilly!

Over the weeks to come I've set myself the challenge of photographing things I'd normally walk straight past, and maybe learning some new tricks along the way. In these uncertain and worrying times it's more important than ever to capture and share happiness and beauty, even if it's just the cat falling off the fence.

Keep on following the official guidance, look after each other and stay well. Thank you so much, NHS, and everyone else still going out to work to keep essential services running. You guys and girls truly rock. #stayathome #flattenthecurve

Love from The Butters & Stuart Cat xxx

toddler in his dad's back pack on the moorland

girl in floaty dress on top of a rock on top of burley moor near Ilkley

silhouette of a man on top of a climbing frame

toddler on a swing in a playground

toddler on a swing in a playground from an interesting angle

toddler on a swing in a playground with the light on his face

mother and toddler at the swings in the park in Ilkley

toddler on a slide

toddler in the park

toddler being thrown and caught by his daddy

boy and dad on the slide at the park

boy on the slide at the park

dad and son having fun on the swing at the park

boy playing on the seesaw at the park

boy playing on the seesaw at the park

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