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Socially Distanced Family and Friends

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It's a phrase we had never heard of up until 3 months ago but now 'social distancing' seems to play a part in every other sentence! It was very much on our minds last weekend when we took a trip to the park with friends to find some muddy puddles to jump in. It's been lovely to walk around the two different lakes in Roundhay Park. Barney and his friends were very excited to be running and jumping and generally getting totally soaked!

I found a spare half an hour on Sunday where I made some of Mary Berry's Special Scones, which we took for a picnic in the park. This turned out to be a very cold and wet affair, but it was definitely the best outdoor scone experience I've had!

I also received my first batch of albums this week that I've been working on during lockdown for some of the lovely couples whose weddings I photographed earlier in the year. It's been fantastic to see their beautiful photos in print and I can't wait to share their books with them.

See you next week Xxx

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