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Family Lockdown Photos: Week Two

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

toddler screaming from behind a stair gate

Toddler time

It's been an unusual week for us, as I'm sure it has for everyone. After 7 days in quarantine (I'm feeling much better now - thank you to all the wonderful folks who dropped provisions off on our doorstep!), we hit week two with new plans for keeping the most active toddler in Yorkshire busy! Not an easy task in lockdown, presenting plenty of opportunities to reward myself with a glass of my favourite SB! We have mowed, pruned, tidied, played Zoom Darts, irritated Stuart the Cat, created window art with these excellent chalk pens, recovered toys posted through the cat flap, baked Mary Berry's best scones, watched The Tiger Who Came to Tea and We're Going on a Bear Hunt countless times, and marked the end of the working day throwing shapes while Daddy spins a tune or two!

James has also found the time to get the Magic 2 Pro in the air (I can't wait to put the drone to work for my upcoming bookings).

Keep on following the official guidance, look after each other and stay well. Thank you so much, NHS, and everyone else still going out to work to keep essential services running. You guys and girls truly rock. #stayhome #flattenthecurve

See you next week xxx

Ariel shot from a drone of a toddler playing in the garden

grey cat in the garden on a sunny day

toddler sat on the floor in the garden with the sun behind him reaching out

dad mowing the lawn while a toddler sits on a swing seat looking bored

toddler looking open mouthed up at a grey cat on a chair

drawing of a rooster on glass with chalk markers

Dad DJing with his toddler son dancing behind him on the bed as the sun streams through the window in front of them

glass of white wine on the bed with a reflection of a dad and a toddler dancing in the light together behind it

scone cutter and baking equipment

freshly baked Devonshire scones

grey cat with green eyes and white chest looking to his right

toddler with a remote control looking up at the TV in the living room

black and white image of teddy bears that have been posted through a cat flap

toddler asleep on a tiny bench with outdoor lights hanging above

grey cat sat on a fence looking over at the camera with ivy in the foreground

black and white image of a man throwing a dart

a dad playing a magnetic fishing game with his son

black and white image of a mum kissing her baby on the cheek as he leans backwards with his hand on his ear

black and white image of a toddler happily playing with DJ equipment

toddler playing with DJ equipment back light with warm light

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