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Family Lockdown Photos: Week Three

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Gold glittering shoes photographed with a warm light on them on a mirror

It's been another non-stop week of keeping our toddler as busy as possible and trying not to use that as an excuse to hit the G&T in the evening! Big love and high fives to everyone on lockdown with small children - we've got this! xxx

When I have had a spare minute, I have been finding new ways to photograph wedding details that I haven't tried before and I've loved it! This week's bake was a scrumptious chocolate cake courtesy of Mary Berry's Baking Bible and I even managed a glance at Vogue magazine and to start my new book club read - Home Fire.

James has been busy in the skies testing the Mavic 2's Hasselblad lens on some North Leeds sunsets while I've been busy chatting up the neighbours (and their excellent dogs) over the wall (from a safe distance). We also had a little garden rave on Sunday in the sunshine (LIVE on facebook) as well as a virtual pub night on Friday (with a cat on our heads).

Keep on following the official guidance, look after each other and stay well. Thank you so much to the NHS and to everyone else still going out to work to keep essential services running. You guys and girls truly rock. #stayhome #flattenthecurve

See you next week xxx

Sunset over North Leeds from a drone

Black and white photo of 3 dogs looking over the garden wall at the camera with their owner in the background

a bull dog looking up at the camera from behind a bush with pink flowers on it

a toddler looking unsurely out from behind his dads legs

a toddler laughing with hands held up also looking surprised and excitedly at his dad who is flying a drone in the garden

a chocolate cake with pink icing

black and white image of a toddler eating chocolate cake with an adult hand reaching in to steal some

chocolate cake with a cup of tea and a copy of vogue with a baby monitor behind

a toddler in from of a log burner wearing his mums Birkenstock slippers

a close up of a grey cat washing it's paw

a black and whit image of a toddler's chubby feet

a toddler plating on a raised bed in the garden in the sunlight

a photo taken downwards of a boy playing with duple in the garden

man DJing in the garden

black and white image of a toddler looking at the camera from a doorway

a dad and his son playing in the garden lying on their backs with their legs in the air

toddler playing with a ball and a brush

detail of gold glittering shoes and a wedding and engagement ring with a light shining on them

ngagement rings with a light shining on them

a man having a video call with his friend while enjoying a glass of beer

photo taken through a glass of a  man having a video call with his friend

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