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Getting to know the neighbours

After ten weeks of family lockdown....

I'm sure that everyone will agree that it is absolutely fantastic to be able to do a little bit of (socially distanced) socialising again. A few of our lovely neighbours came out to say hello and enjoy a drink on Monday evening, while the weather was still nice enough to do so. Of the many simple pleasures we've rediscovered as a result of this crazy time, getting to better know the folks we live near to is such a highlight.

Parents of children who have been cooped up at home during lockdown will all have faced their own challenges - big up y'all! For us with an active toddler, and despite being blessed with a garden, the lack of playmates and the usual round of activities has been exhausting at times. Well, all the time! Now restrictions have been lifted slightly, parents will also understand the challenges of trying to enforce socially distant play... Out of the frying pan and into the fire is an expression that comes to mind! As you can imagine we have loved seeing Barney's delight around other children (and doggo's!) but this has also involved a lot of chasing him around whilst doing the distance dance!

It has also been lovely to catch up with friends in our garden while the evenings have been warm. Bring back the Sun! All we need now is a new cocktail bar for the garden ! :-)

Stay safe everyone and see you next week! xxx

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