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Family Photography: Lockdown Week Seven

Updated: May 8, 2020


All the big outdoor things that we've ordered and been really excited about have arrived this week! Cue, James digging a massive hole for the trampoline and having the entire garden taken over by our new tent! We are very excited about both these things and we are looking forward to a trip away in our tent once lockdown measures start to lift but for now we will be camping in the garden!

We also found a really lovely footpath down to our local urban farm that we never new existed and we had a great family walk there last weekend in the sunshine. Stuart Cat also joined us, but I suspect it was more of a protest stalk on his behalf due to him thinking that we starve him (we don't!) of cat food.

The neighbours have all been out in force for the weekly NHS clap and their kids have been enjoying some socially distanced running and scootering up and down their drives to burn off some energy - even Jeff the Jackawawa got involved.

James' online DJing career continued this week with support from Barney during our evening family raves and then later on in the day once the little people have gone to bed.

Keep on following the official guidance, look after each other and stay well. Thank you so much to the NHS and to everyone else still going out to work to keep essential services running. And thank you to all those who had made such incomprehensible sacrifices 75 years ago. Puts it all in perspective. #VEday #stayhome #flattenthecurve

See you next week xxx

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