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Family Lockdown Photos: Week Four

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Easter Fun

We breathed a massive sigh of relief when our new Plum Garden Swing Set finally arrived this week after four weeks of praying for it, to entertain our little bundle of energy! Sorry therefore, that the majority of this blog is dedicated to photographs of Barney outside in the garden, but I have spent A LOT of time out there this week!

Parents of toddlers will have had the same problem as us with Barney's hair growing like weeds and with no chance of us getting to a hairdresser anytime soon, I agreed to let James trim his lovely little blond mullet. As you will see from our photos this was a mistake!! We've also been out on a couple of walks as part of our daily exercise which means we've encountered some lovely flowers and brilliant dogs (from a safe distance!).

Easter egg hunting was very popular and James totally rocked his rabbit face mask. A huge thank you to the amazing Keggles xxx is required for organising this set and sending eggs & presents, when I was too ill to think about chocolate (strange me not thinking about my favourite treat I know, but it really did happen)

Food (and wine) has been a highlight this week including meat free Greek Kebabs, which were so good that we had to send Butters out to get more supplies for the next evening! This weeks bake, didn't last long either (no change there) as we all enjoyed Mary Berry's Cupcakes with lovely rainbow decorations on them which seemed fitting.

Keep on following the official guidance, look after each other and stay well. Thank you so much to the NHS and to everyone else still going out to work to keep essential services running. You guys and girls truly rock. #stayhome #flattenthecurve

See you next week xxx

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