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Family Photography: Lockdown Week Five

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Family photography is keeping me busy!

I can't believe another week has passed already! It's over 6 weeks since I last shot a wedding or a family session and I'm really missing it, but I'm loving having this blog to work on and share every week.

This week I have mainly been removing Barney from the top of pan drawers, tables, chairs, TV stands and anything else that a tenacious nugget such as he sees as an exciting adventure!

Barney and I also tuned in to see his Uncle Paul (of Leeds kebab institution I am Doner) livestream a brief talk and cook-through of a delicious looking Gyros (Barney observed from the aforementioned pan drawer). We can't wait to see more of this - watch out Jamie Oliver.

One very exciting development this week is the arrival of my new macro lens. As you will see I've been busy putting it through it's paces when I go out for daily exercise and I absolutely love it. Prepare yourselves for more photos of tiny things next week! I've also been having fun trying out some new ideas with off-camera lighting and I'm really chuffed with the results.

James has been busy live-streaming his DJ sessions and planning post-Covid-19 launch events with his parents for the amazing book they have written about his Grandfather, who built the famous Clubland in London. Founded not long after the end of WW1, Clubland was a place for young Londoners from all backgrounds to learn and socialise when they weren't at school, and counted the young Sir Michael Caine amongst its membership. Jimmy Butterworth travelled the world raising funds for the club including on many trips to America where he gained the support from the legend that is Bob Hope. See the JB Clubland website here for more info and to bag a copy of the book.

Keep on following the official guidance, look after each other and stay well. Thank you so much to the NHS and to everyone else still going out to work to keep essential services running. #stayhome #flattenthecurve

See you next week xxx

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